Day 2- The hardest part was deciding to go.

Whew it is over, but damn my calves are tight. 

It still sucked, don’t get me wrong but somehow it seemed a bit easier? Maybe because I knew I could finish it?  

My mental toughness was pretty good, I kept moving the whole time and during the minutes I jogged….how fast well that is another story. 

I could feel every muscle in my legs….must be working.  

Time to eat and go to work…and DRINK A TON OF WATER.

xoxo tumblekins,


Day 2 - Agreed, Margot, agreed

I had to take my run inside.

The snowy view from my window made me want to do anything, but go for a run. If it wasn’t for Margot I may have thrown in the towel for the day. But good old Margot got up before work to run, so I had no excuse. I scraped off the car and headed to the gym.

It actually worked out really nicely. The treadmill forced me to pace myself. I’ve always been the yoga and ballet type, but Couch to 5k is showing me another light and I like it! (My aching body currently feels otherwise. haha)

Run like the wind, Bullseye … but remember to pace yourself.

Warm wishes,